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How to look perfect in motion

How to take a perfect photo while you are in motion?

Can you imagine a perfect photo while you are in motion?   If you are an active person and you can’t sit at home for long then you have probably tried to figure out how it is possible to catch clear movement in a photo. Are you a fan of extreme sports? Do you love climbing, […]
How to look good in photos?

How to look good in photos?

How to look good in  photos? Can mobile applications help?  A lot of us have the same problem: “I don’t look good in photos”. Nowadays, social media such as Facebook or Instagram “force” us to have the best photos on our wall or in our albums. Sometimes we feel depressed when someone posts something interesting […]
Best mobile application for pictures

Best mobile applications for pictures.

People use their phones not only for calling, text messages or keeping in touch with friends and family. They use their phones to take photos of all sorts of things, from taking a quick pic of something cool to serious travel photography. They need to have best mobile applications for pictures. We need a dream […]
Video to picture

Video to picture using iOS application.

You can find a lot of applications in the AppStore that can help you change your photos. You can use basic editing tools such as contrast, brightness, temperature or saturation adjustments to make your photos pop. You can also search for more advanced applications which have a large variety of presets. Filters and presets can […]

How to convert video to photo iOS ?

Sometimes you think that your movie on your iPhone has some frames which could be an amazing photo. You don’t want to do a screenshot because it doesn't solve a problem. You don’t want to have bad quality photos. Don’t You?