How to look good in photos?

How to look good in  photos? Can mobile applications help? 

A lot of us have the same problem: “I don’t look good in photos”.

Nowadays, social media such as Facebook or Instagram “force” us to have the best photos on our wall or in our albums. Sometimes we feel depressed when someone posts something interesting and looks like a movie star.

What is happening with us? What is wrong? Why can someone have a good photo but not me?

Ok. You want to know the truth, so we will tell you the secret of how to look good in photos.


Even if you have perfect clothes, a perfect camera for photos; even if you are in an interesting place you should find or wait for the perfect light.

Why is light so important in photography? Light determines a lot of things, for example darkness or brightness, tone, mood and atmosphere. What’s more, light is useful to control texture, vibrancy of color and shadows.

If you have good light you can also use less makeup on your face because your skin looks better or even flawless.

Second important thing – BE YOURSELF

Ok, you have found the perfect surroundings, you have perfect light, right makeup, hair and clothes. But you still look  stupid in your photo. Your body shows that you are not confident, your smile is not natural, your eyes are squinted or closed. Why does this happen to me? Try to be more natural as your feelings are always visible in photos. In order to show your best smile you need to feel positive emotions. If you aren’t happy in the moment, think of happy memories.

Also, a real smile engages the eyes, so when you are happy your eyes should smile with you.

Don’t try to bend your body into uncomfortable or awkward positions. Tighten the belly and don’t slouch.

The third most important thing is – GET A GREAT MOBILE PHONE APPLICATION FOR PHOTOS.

Forget about standing and practicing posing in front of a mirror. Forget about tilting your head and checking which side looks better. You  also don’t have to think about your pose.

Be yourself and natural and do what you feel in the moment. Use your camera for recording a movie. Yes, record a video  – do not take a photo. When you are being recorded you feel more comfortable. Your moves will be more natural, your face will show your emotions.

Stop recording when you feel it’s enough. Open your  Video to Photo – Cut Frame app and choose your perfect frame in which you look like a star! Can you imagine how many frames you can get from one video? If you never try it you will never know.

Cut Frame can change your life and your Instagram account. So don’t be stressed in future photos, they will  always be perfect !


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