How to take a perfect photo while you are in motion?

Can you imagine a perfect photo while you are in motion?  

If you are an active person and you can’t sit at home for long then you have probably tried to figure out how it is possible to catch clear movement in a photo.

Are you a fan of extreme sports? Do you love climbing, parachuting, snowboarding?

Maybe you love sailing, horse riding or car racing? What’s more, you love doing all these things while travelling?  I’m really happy to hear that! 

Most of us try new things, look for new adventures. We would like to impress our friends. Nowadays we share a lot of photos, short stories to see how people will react. Our behavior can make others do something with their life. You can become someone’s inspiration and help them fight against their weaknesses. Yes, it sounds really nice! 

So without hesitation capture  moments of your life and share them! 

I will try to describe some tools which can help you  to do that:

1.Have your camera always with you. 

Do you do crazy things? Keep in mind to have your camera with you. That can be a camera in your iPhone, you can take a GoPro or you can record video using a professional (D)SLR camera. 

Take your tripod or selfie stick and record amazing video. Show your talent and skills!

2. Convert your video to photo. 

Is your video too long or too big? You can’t upload your recording to your social media? 

If you have a problem with that you can try to use an application. I recommend a simple and intuitive CutFrame – video to photo application. The application allows you to get the best quality photos from your video in the easiest way possible. 

3. Choose the perfect frame.

If you have already installed the CutFrame – video to photo application find the perfect frame which shows your skills. Enhance your photo using application’s presets. 

Save a few frames and decide which one is the best.

4. Save the video and photo.

Thanks to the CutFrame – video to photo application you can save your recorded video and photo at the same time. You can use both for a future long movie. Isn’t it good to have a presentation or video from all of your exciting adventures?

Have fun and share your content and skills! Show all the couch potatoes how exciting life can be! 


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