Video to picture using iOS application.

You can find a lot of applications in the AppStore that can help you change your photos. You can use basic editing tools such as contrast, brightness, temperature or saturation adjustments to make your photos pop.

You can also search for more advanced applications which have a large variety of presets. Filters and presets can take your photograph to the next level.

The same if you want to get an app for your video. You can discover a huge number of applications that can help you improve your video. Add some stickers, switch colors, cut your video or accelerate it/slow it down. You can also convert your video to a .gif file, change it into movie or into a movie trailer

But what if you want to change your video into a photo?

It’s simple but it is not necessarily for everyone.

If you really want to get a good quality picture from your video you shouldn’t do a screen shot. It is a popular method but what if there was an easier way?

So how does it work?
1.Install CUTFRAME app on your iPhone.

2. Choose your video from iPhone.

3. Find your perfect frame.

And finally: SAVE IT!

HD Images exported using Cut Frame have the highest possible resolution and quality.

One app can change your video to an amazing insta (gram) photo! Video to picture!


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