How to convert video to photo iOS ?

H ave you ever wondered how to get a movie and a photo at  the same time on your iPhone? 

Do you believe it is possible?
We can tell you – yes it is!

Sometimes you think that your movie on your iPhone has some frames which could make an amazing photo. You don’t want to do a screenshot because it doesn’t solve the  problem. You don’t want to have a bad quality photo. Do You?

So are you just wondering  how to convert your video to photo in your iOS system?

Should you use iMovie to prepare a movie and cut a frame from  it ?
Yes, you can use iMovie for that but it is complicated and you also have to  export your movie to your Macbook. You create a new project, move your mouse over the video and choose the frame that you like. Next you right click to save. And when you want to have the picture on your iPhone you send it via airdrop.
Whew.. It is tough!

So how to get your favourite frame easier? And how to have the photo without using a computer?

We have the best solution to have both avideo and an excellent photo at the same time!
Don’t worry about access converting, downloading or uploading files. You should only have one app on your iPhone. – cut frame to have your dream photo frame from your video.

How does it work? Install an app from Astore and you’ll see how easy and fast it is.

The app shows you your saved movies from your iPhone. You choose a movie and scroll  to find your perfect frames. You can save enormous frames from one video!
When you click “save” you have your photos on your iPhone.
 Of course it is! 


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