Video to Photo.

Get photos from your favourite video and share those photos with your friends.
Video or photo
Sometimes you hesitate between taking a photo or a video. Now you don’t have to choose. Record a video to get perfect photos.
Catch best moments
It is difficult to catch fleeting moments, record them and then change the video into a photo.  With the CutFrame application this is a piece of cake!
Find details
Thanks to CutFrame application you can find small details
in your videos that you have never seen before. Save them!
No more selfie
If you want to take a picture of yourself but you don’t want to do a selfie. With the CutFrame App it will be possible to get a photo of you.  Stand in front of the camera, move naturally and record the video. Check how gorgeous you look!
Frame by frame
Have fun scrolling your video frame by frame and keep moments in your library thanks to the CutFrame application
Free presets
If you're a bit jealous of how great photos of your friends are on instagram. Use CutFrame presets and tools to see how excellent your photo become.
HD photos
You need a high quality photos from a video. The CutFrame application gives you the best HD quality ever.

CutFrame - video to photo iOS application.

The CutFrame - video to photo application allows you to get  the best quality photos from your video in the easiest way. Thanks to amazing presets in the application you can take your photo to the next level.

How does the CutFrame - video to photo application works?

1. Pick your video.
2. Scroll the video to find your perfect frame.
3. Edit or save your photo.

Isn’t that easy? 

Try the app now.

Get photos from your favourite video and share those photos with your friends. Very fast and easy to use, just open video, select photo frame and click save button. Photo will be saved in gallery on your device. 

About app

In CutFrame application you will find the simple and intuitive user interface, common to all our videos applications.

Speed and simplicity of use is the biggest advantage CutFrame application. Speed up your photo editing with professional Cut Frame Presets. Made to help you improve light, color, contrast, and tone in your photos.

Cut Frame presets are for a variety of purposes including: action sports, travel and lifestyle photo filters. Have fun using them!

This application can run, on your iPhone and your iPad, as a standalone application. Portrait and Landscape orientations are supported in all screens. Dark mode of iOS13 is supported. Edit
" Phenomenal I absolutely love this app. It's an excellent way to get photo frames from your video. "
– Traveler
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